Hold On We're Going Home

Distressed, rugged, and minimal.


Forged from 316L Steel, BLKOUT’s unique men’s accessories stand apart from the rest. Made to last, these pieces don’t just look good: they feel good. We know that life gets busy. We also know that those who don’t keep moving forward can get left behind. This is the foundation of BLKOUT Studios. We know that you never settle, so why should we?


Established in 2015, BLKOUT originated from the idea that we should wear what we love. Unfortunately, the world of men’s accessories is often dominated by boring and unoriginal styles. As a result, BLKOUT was created to cut through this monotony. We wanted sharp corners, clean designs, and exceptional finishes. Starting with simple drawings in a sketchbook, we developed a line of accessories that were both masculine and minimalistic. Our goal was simple: give men products that they want to wear, rather than the same old same old that just get forgotten.


The BLKLIST may not be for everyone. But if you’re into constantly evolving and staying ahead of the crowd, the BLKLIST is meant for you. But hey, don’t take our word for it – wear a piece and decide for yourself.